The Local Kitchen East Coast Pictures Crew

Here at The Local Kitchen, we are passionate about bringing the finest food and drink from our local producers to your kitchen.

In this show, our chefs travel the counties of Great Britain, visiting our farmers, growers and producers, sourcing the freshest, most tastiest products available, from fruit and vegetables, to dairies and confectionery, to beverages. These ingredients are then turned into delicious dishes that can be easily recreated at home.   

So far, The Local Kitchen has visited the counties of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, creating recipes for all seasons with the help and support of the local food community.  We’re sharing our recipes, top tips and suppliers with you so you can support our local producers too. 

The Local Kitchen is created and produced by East Coast Pictures, and is available to view right here, on local television and at the Lincolnshire Life and Good Tastes magazines’ websites. 



We understand the hard work, dedication and passion that goes into creating each and every food and drink product, which is why we  love nothing more than supporting our local food communities.  In The Local Kitchen, we aim to promote the local food community by visiting their farms and factories, showcasing the quality of their produce, and then using the ingredients in one of our signature recipes created by one of our talented chefs. 

If you would like to see your food and drink featured in The Local Kitchen and become one of our suppliers, then please get in touch



The Local Kitchen is the premier cookery show dedicated to food and drink producers, broadcast exclusively on local television and online.  The Local Kitchen at Christmas & New Year – episodes, extended supplier videos and our advertisers – has gained over 3,500 views on YouTube alone, in addition to being broadcast to over 350,000 homes in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire on local television. The reach for our new episodes of The Local Kitchen at Lincoln Castle and The Local Kitchen at Wetherby Food Festival will now be even greater. 

We have a variety of advertising opportunities with The Local Kitchen, through video advertisements, product placements, sponsorships and online advertisements. To find out more information, please get in touch



East Coast Pictures, the Creators and Producers of The Local Kitchen, is a local television production company based in Lincolnshire, whose team has a wealth of experience in working on national and international television productions for the likes of the BBC and ITV. Visit the East Coast Pictures website for more details about the company and how to be involved with their upcoming local television productions.